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Magdalena Olszanowski is currently pursuing a SSHRC-funded research-creation PhD in Communication Studies at Concordia University, under the supervision of Kim Sawchuk at the Mobile Media Lab, and is a research affiliate at the Topological Media Lab. She obtained her BA honours summa cum laude from the University of Toronto and an MA in Communication and Culture from York University. She has studied at the University of Amsterdam on full scholarship. A certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Toronto school of Continuing Education also hangs on her mom’s wall. Born in Warsaw, Poland, she is a sujet-en-proces, existing within the contours of relations. Magdalena’s research has focused on the potential(s) of mobilities research, process philosophy and feminist vital materialism to re-frame how we develop, conceptualize, theorize, and interact with expanded cinema and mobile technologies. She is also focused on the re-aestheticization of memory through new image technologies. Her dissertation is a study of feminist self-imaging practices online in the mid to late 90s.

By the by, she identifies as an arts-based researcher with lax hygiene and no social graces.

Download current CV (updated 7 jan 2014)

My dream is to play with tungsten needles.

*I know this blog looks terrible on mobile devices, but the blog theme isn’t updated anymore & its name is oulipo & thus it will stay.

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  • fluxbots says:

    Hi Magdalena,

    I run a women's electronic music meetup group in Stockholm, Sweden and I'm interested in showing your film microfemininewarfare. You can send me an email at robotlove3000 {at} gmail.com. Thanks!

  • jessica eva says:

    Hi Magdalena,
    I have many questions for you! I found you while researching my own honours project on selfies.
    I came across your writing
    Feminist Self-Imaging and Instagram: Tactics of Circumventing Sensorship.

    Please email me jessica.e.sorci@gmail.com
    I would very much like to discuss your work further.
    I very much hope to hear from you.


  • Dominic says:

    we 'met' at resonance but I was trying so hard (and clearly failing) to focus on what i was reading. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation and your website suggested possible artistic compatibility, i've got a thing i'd love to talk to you about if you're not too busy with the ol phd.

  • Hi Magdalena, I just read the abstract of your paper about Instagram. Unfortunately, I coudn't travel to the IR conference. I'm doing a PhD in Sociology at the LSE in London researching indie music scenes and different uses of technologies by music fans. Is there any chance to read your paper about Instagram? I left my e-mail here. Thanks. Take care,

  • Franchesca says:

    i had you as a TA once-upon-a-time at York University; decided to check your blog out recently.
    good luck on the PhD! i'll definitely be dropping by your blog to see what you're up to— you've always had fascinating points of views (and great sense of style to boot 😉 lol).

  • Slovakia says:

    Corruption is a common burden of most post-socialist countries. Their nations got morally destroyed by communism. Slovakia is one of the most corrupted countries in the world. I know, because that's where I am from and where I live.

  • lisa says:

    you know,
    i've always wanted to share a drink with you.

  • Kallen says:

    You gave Citizen Kane 2.5 stars? I know it' s hyped but that's pretty rough. Some of the shots are still quite stunning and compared to other film at the time, quite a good watch and decent narrative presentation. What is your benchmark film for your rating schema?

    Anyway, I mainly came over here to see what you were writing about electronic music, Academics are so cute when they get wordy.

  • Hey, ended up here on your website via Last.FM where we are connected.

    I find your research topics very interesting. I did my BA in Cultural Studies and wrote a thesis about the network society and the connection it has with the development of new types of electronic music like dubstep/future bass etc.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to send you is this http://dj.dancecult.net/ It's an open source academic magazine about electronic music, run a.o. by Graham St. John, an Australian anthropologist which I met on one of my electronic music festival journeys through Europe. You could send in your articles, think they would really fit in the magazine.

    Peace. All the best.

    Sjoerd (from the Netherlands)

  • sahrudin says:

    nice personality ….

  • <i>Hey ! Is that picture “Safety…Is People Not Getting Hurt” from the Wychwood barns?? I lived near there forever and have always loved taking photos of those dilapidated buildings turned architectural marvel…</i>

  • Magda O! says:

    Natalie – hello hello! A pro stalker myself, I'm happy you found me.


  • Natalie says:

    Hello, I stalked you here from your post on Ravetalk about Bangface Weekender.

    ~ cunningstunt

  • skratula says:

    Hey, I really dig your blog- I should get around to updating mine some time

  • Nora says:

    Hi Magdalena,

    Are you still located in Toronto? I have some blog-related questions I'd like to ask. If you have a moment, please mail me at nora@matchstick.ca

    Happy new year!

  • admin says:

    Yes it is.

    I took it during the summer.

    Good eye Louis. I enjoy taking those kinds of photos as well.


  • Louis says:

    Hey ! Is that picture "Safety…Is People Not Getting Hurt" from the Wychwood barns?? I lived near there forever and have always loved taking photos of those dilapidated buildings turned architectural marvel…

    nice one.


Hi hi... your words mean everything to me.

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