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July 4th, 2007 § 0 comments

Throw the honesty sheath on me, let it fall on my face, my limbs, let the threads touch my lips and cover my eyes. Let all of the stored thoughts come out. At that moment, when faced with comfort in telling the truth you somehow remember the thought you had forgotten, you remember the way you imagined things to be, the expression on your face in the repartee.

I paced around my hallway this morning, gripping my hearts heaviness. All of my cells are consipiring to touch you. They’re consipiring because they know me. I walk down the reflective subway stairs and everyone is you. The old lady limping using an umbrella as a cane is you. The two kids in neon sport jackets are you. You have become everything. I close my eyes and my body tightens. It’d open them up again but what’s the use? Am I on the right platform? All the signs say your name, all the ads are promoting you.

The girl in front of me is sticking out her legs. I scan the smooth skin and remember your hands caress, the way you gripped underneath my knee. She’s got a substantial bruise on her right leg, just like mine. I want to hold onto it, so I can know how you felt.

Tell me everything. I desire your bloodshot effervescent eyes to stare into mine. Dig into me. I want you to dig so hard you come back around from the beginning again. I want to go in circles with you to see what I missed the first time. I want to walk around and up and down your body to know all of it. I want to pry open every hair follicle so I don’t miss any skin.

Hi hi... your words mean everything to me.