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Enjoy, Enjoy

December 15th, 2008 § 0 comments

I’ve been doing a lot of masturbating lately. Any time school stresses come about, I am ferociously needy with orgasms. Some of the best sex I’ve given has been in the midst of final exams. So when Tiffany sends me a link to this masterpiece, it kind of makes me want to be rich. Part of the write-up says, “A perfect accessory for that dressy but boring party, YVA is small, rechargeable and exceedingly quiet.” That would totally make me the party girl again. It could be my excuse to go mingle – to get off. J would love it too I’m sure. He loves anything to do with exhibiting me. However, my titillation would come in not getting caught.

I remember my first vibrator. An ex bought it for me. It was a regular vibrator, purple, 5 inches; he didn’t want it to topple his size. He bought it at Seduction. There’s a four to five minute walk from the subway station to his house, so he took it out of the package and put it in his pants while he walked. I don’t remember if he actually came before he got to his house. He handed it to me with that story. I wish I remembered what happened after. Why don’t I keep more journals? I did the same thing when I bought my other vibrator. That other vibrator, although with replaced parts is still with me. Nothing has compared. Just money wasted on other peripherals. J came over on the weekend. “Owww, my head feels weird,” he complains as he pulls out the vibrator from underneath the pillow.
“I keep it there because then I don’t have to get up to come and I have to hide the cords from the cats.”


Hi hi... your words mean everything to me.