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Going Out Girl

July 17th, 2010 § 3 comments

Hello. Last night I went out to see Headhunter play at OT301 by myself because I have no friends here and I’m not really sure I am able to/want to make any? I guess I’d like to make a friend or two to do things with and talk to. We could go to the dumpster site that acts like a beach and looks nothing like the website, or maybe discuss why Mount Kimbie is worth the expensive train ride to Brussels. I’ve met a few people that I get on with OK but I don’t want to compromise my time if I’m just hanging out with them because there are no other people more suitable, you know? We’d sit at the edge of the pond in Vondelpark, watching the fountain, drinking 1.99 1L bottles of Albert Heijn wine and have many awkward silences in which we’d both be unsure whether this is ever going to work. Then maybe we’d rely on a common ground: discussing our feelings towards Amsterdam and the tourists, but not in a memorable way at all, in a way that would leave us empty and sad and we’d both know we’ll never keep in touch, even though they’d say “Look me up if you’re ever in my city,” or maybe it wouldn’t even get to that. However PS. I’d love to spend more time with Brittney. //

These are the photos I took to remember what I looked like before heading out in case something happened to me. I got what I wanted: to practice my footwork and be among a large mass of non-stop dancers. What I didn’t want: non-stop comments from guys about my dancing, about me being out alone, about me being an ‘American.’ //

OT301 is an organized squat near Vondelpark that sells cheap wine (2 euro) and is a venue to many music and art shows. It also houses a restaurant, De Peper, selling vegan and organic 2-course meals for 6 to 10 euro. Like most squat restos in Amsterdam, you have to call earlier in the afternoon to book a reservation for that night. This makes me want to start a cheap kitchen initiative in Toronto because I don’t know of one, do you?


§ 3 Responses to Going Out Girl"

  • Frankie Campo says:

    Goddamn Americans !


  • PJ says:

    You look STUNNING in these pics Magda. I know as a beautiful girl you're tired of being called beautiful. Mostly because as an intelligent girl, your beauty gets all of the attention while your great intellect has to take the complimentary back seat. But these are really unusually striking to me. Even as someone who's quite used to being stricken by your bold appearance. Really really stunning in these pictures. Timeless. Beautiful. Enthralling.

    Hope you're having an amazing time out there. Please continue to keep us posted! And don't waste your time with social norms and expectations. You're perfectly capable of having an amazing time discovering that place on your own.

  • ryan manning says:

    this blog seems to contain some sort of malware

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