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UK-bound with my red square.

August 29th, 2013 § 0 comments


Next week I am going to Lancaster, UK to present a paper at Mobility Futures at Lancaster University’s Centre for Mobilities Research. My supervisor Kim Sawchuk is one of the invited speakers! Going places with my supervisor always leaves me feeling so badass, even now. I can’t believe I’m entering the third year of my PhD in September—I still feel like such a kid.

I’ll be spending the weekend after in London seeing some friends, dancing my ass off (even though everyone will be gone to Outlook Festival) & shopping at YMC and MUJI.

I am pretty stoked on my paper presentation! I hope people dig it & give me some constructive feedback. It’s a similar but more mobilities-centric version of a paper I was invited to present at the Sound & Dissent symposium in February. I want to get this published somewhere because I reckon it’s a significant departure from anything that has been written on the strike & protest in general. But if you know of similar work, please point me in that direction. Chiapas rejuvenated me to recognize all the work I have already put into preserving the strike’s legacy and to keep pursuing it.

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