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October 10th, 2015 § 0 comments

Recently I started blogging again, using Tumblr, to post about my changing body via this creature growing inside me. Tumblr felt like a place that I didn’t have a history with like the memories here, it didn’t have the surveillant eyes that this place has grown to have. It’s a confusing contradiction to want to keep this hidden but also available for consumption. Will this be too much? Will I never get tenure? Will my family find it? But this is me. This is part of the work that I do. My daily life is informed by feminism, my research and my art practice, and this pregnancy now informs my feminism and academic and artistic practice. How could I pretend otherwise given the questions of intimacy I grapple with in my work? So, whatever; I have decided that I will also post most of the stuff here and re-post my older Tumblr entries, because I miss it. I miss the enclosed space, the particular audience, and the ease with which to find posts and comments. I hope you stay. I hope you say hello again. Most of older entries are back dated and can be viewed now.


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